The Answers Are Within You

I know you feel it, the intensity. We all can sense it or feel it in some way. Anyone sensitive to energy or picking up energetic fields all around us. Not taught in typical schools. Some common questions that come into my awareness when it comes to grounding. 

What are some things that have caused us to become ungrounded? Our bed frames raised from beds the ground. Home foundations are off the ground, concrete, asphalt, carpet, vinyl—the use of rubber-soled or synthetic shoes like tennis shoes—the radiation from our appliances, devices, cell towers, and technology. 

How do you know if you’re ungrounded? We can feel a little discombobulated. Do you feel light-headed? Floaty feeling? Are you spaced out? Are you having difficulty concentrating? Are you losing track of conversations? Are you forgetting things or losing things? Do you find yourself overwhelmed, sensitive, or nervy? Are you finding bruises throughout your body by bumping into things? 

Remember, We are all energy. We are Energetic beings that are having a human experience.

Physical grounding benefits include: Improving the health of feet, reduces inflammation, protects from EMF (electromagnetic field), aids in deeper sleep, lower stress, decreases muscle tension, lessens depression, increases energy level, increases circadian rhythm to match natures. It also reduces pain, relieves headaches, lowers menstrual symptoms, increases blood flow, increases recovery time, and slows the aging process. 

  1. Grow Roots- Stand tall like a giant redwood tree, feel the Earth beneath your feet. If possible, put your feet onto the ground, see, feel, or imagine your feet growing roots like a tree. These roots are growing down through all the earth layers, the soil, the rock, the sediment, then down to the crystalline core or heart chakra of Gaia. As you’re sending down your roots, infuse them with gratitude for space, she provides us, the air, the water, and all that keeps us nourished. You’ll send gratitude down as you anchor into Gaia. This connection is never severed. You may feel a wave of energy flow back up to you. Back up through all the Earth layers, into your earthstar chakra about 12 inches below your feet. Earth energy flowing up into your feet chakra, up both your legs, all the way up to your seat bones and root/base chakra. Through sacral & navel chakras, up into your solar plexus chakra and into your heart chakra. Golden light from Gaia Infused expanding, continuing up into your high-heart, your throat chakra, your third eye, up out of your crown chakra, causal chakra, soul star chakra, and stellar gateways, connecting and calling forth your I AM presence. Then continue past the sun the cosmic suns, and out as far as you can travel until you come to the bright iridescent silvery light of Source Creator of all. Anchor in and connect there. Feeling that unconditional love and light come down your branches, pillar, or column of light. Bringing that light down and through all your upper chakras. Into your physical chakras; your crown chakra, your 3rd eye, your throat chakra, your high heart, and expanding into your heart and merging with that golden light from Gaia, the iridescent silvery light from Source Creator meeting in the center core of your heart chakra, expanding with love from your heart, creating a beautiful iridescent rose gold bubble of light within your heart chakra and then developing this rose gold bubble of light beyond your physical body out 12 feet in all directions. Taking a deep centering breath and evenly grounding yourself in the most centered sacred space within your heart between Gaia and Source Creator’s center core. 
  2. Wisdom of the Trees- Hug or lean up against a living tree. Feel the energetic lifeform, tap into the ancient knowledge, stability, wisdom, and deep support from the trees. Connect energetically, telepathically, and feel as if the tree has a message for you. Maybe you’ll feel the tree will hug you back? When emotions or energies seem intense, take a walk or a hike. Lay or sit on the ground. When you go camping, sleep in a tent. 
  3. Swim like a mermaid- if possible, swim, float in lakes and rivers, put your feet on the rock and into the sand. Take a salt bath.
  4. Connect & Heal with Crystals– If extra grounded is needed, the darker the crystal, the more they tend to anchor you in: Hematite, Smokey Quartz, Tibetan Quartz, Petrified wood, Black Tourmaline, Epidote, Moss Agate, Onyx, Almandine Garnet, Shungite, Obsidian, or Jasper. For my top 10 healing crystals ebook, <<GRAB YOUR FREE COPY HERE>>
  5. Gardening– Garden with bare hands, working with dirt is a great way to ground yourself. During the wintertime, create your indoor zen den by repotting some plants inside your space. If you have a pot of soil, even sticking your finger into the potting soil will allow you to connect. 
  6. Breathwork- Be still and know it’s okay. Consciously take deep belly breaths watching your lungs and belly expanding and filling up your lungs and diaphragm. If you have trained in music, you know ways to take deep breaths. Most of us feel ungrounded because of shallow unconscious breathing. Be mindful and count your breaths using the 4-7-8 method, inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, exhale out of your mouth for 8 seconds. 
  7. Meditation- Explore the inner sanctuary within your heart space. What does it look like? What do you see, sense, or feel inside there? Is there a doorway? Is it a threshold? a portal? A stargate? What is the shape or vision of the entrance point? What else do you feel, see, sense, or imagine is there? Is it a landscape? A golden whirlpool? A deep blue cenote? or a crystal temple
  8. Essential oils- essential oils like vetiver, ginger, cypress, cedarwood atlas, sandalwood & patchouli are great for grounding. 
  9. Emotional journaling- sit down with a journal and just let words or emotions flow out of you, don’t let the ego-mind have any control of what wants to come up and out. Have a tissue handy if something cathartic should unearth.
  10. Shoes & Exercise wear natural leather shoes instead of rubber or synthetic. Move; Dance, music, the visualization of hula hooping barefoot came to mind! 😂 Any form of exercise, stretch, yoga, any movement, walk, or a hike. This movement all reminds you to stay or ground inside your physical body. Lay or sit on the ground. When you go camping, sleep in a tent so you’re able to gain the physical benefit of laying on Gaia while sleep. 

I hope these tips help you keep your heads calm, cool, and collected during these times of uncertainty. Doing this work with yourself will benefit you in all ways physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

Stay grounded, loves!

xx Sylvia