The Answers Are Within You



Join Sylvia an Intuitive Wellness Guide, Certified Healing Practitioner, Teacher & Alchemist

🧡Guiding others into different realms of healing

🧡Utilizing Ancient Wisdom Holistic Healing

🧡Within all facets, physically, emotionally, & spiritually

🧡Become an empowered, confident woman

🧡Supported as you tap into the depths of your soul-levels of healing.

🧡Become aware of simple ways to overcome what has once held you back.



**Gain insight on why we have ISSUES THAT MANIFEST INTO STUCK ENERGY
**Learn Tapping POINTS & Basics!
**Ask your Tapping Questions!
**JOIN IN FOR Live Tap-AlongS!

⭐️ Better Relationships
⭐️ Improved Health (mental, emotional, physical)
⭐️ Clarity on Life Transition (Breakup/Divorce,Empty Nester, MidLife)
⭐️ Clarity on Life Purpose (Alignment, Direction, Career)
⭐️ Increase Abundance

….All at your fingers ✌️
… One technique to make what you want possible!

What Do We Study Together In Group?

– Learn the Clearing basics

– Calibrate your energy

– How to Connect with your team in Spirit:

Spirit Animals, Guides, Guardians, Celestials, Archangels, Goddesses, Ascended Masters

– Intuitive Guidance & Divination

– Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Healing Touch Energy Practitioner

– Quantum Energy – Sacred Soul Alignments – Sacred Light Technologies

– Bioenergetic Frequency Healings

-Guidance on Energy Tools: Healing Crystals, Herbs & Custom Essential Oil blends

OR pick up a pre-made kit in the shop.

– Simple Holistic Nutrition to get your body balanced to begin your wellness journey 

I really want to thank you, Sylvia, for accepting me into this group and thankful for my friend Samba for inviting me. Ya have changed my life that I couldn’t think was possible. God and the Universe has blessed me in so many ways I am overflowing me so much gratitude. Love ya. Ya came into my life when I felt I had no hope. Ya gave me that back. ???

Carmen Lopez

I recommend Sylvia because I know that EFT is an effective practice for healing and achieving. And I admire Sylvia for being there to Tap with people who are seeking support. Thank you, Sylvia!

Ronna J. Zinn

Sylvia radiates love, light and happiness. She easily tunes into your energy and delivers accurate guidance. If you’re in need of truth, fun-loving conversation and a sense of peace here you will find it.

Stephanie Ann