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Meditate, Manifest, and Be Well.

A Course In Healing & Magic


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Take this 4-week email course that will enable you to use tools to manifest the results you are looking for in life! There are so many ways to heal your physical body and your spirit. Invest in your success below and receive your first week’s lessons right away.

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What You Receive:

– EFT Acupuncture Energy Tapping

– Crystal guidance on use for healing

– Tips on how to utilize a combination of tools

– How to call in the Archangels to work with.

– Workbook, Journal sheets to track your progress PDF’s

– Video lessons

*BONUS Crystal Grid Video – How to Create Plus Activate your moon and manifestation grid!

Bonus gift Essential Oil recipe- Be well and Prosper house blessing blend!

$22 USD for the entire course today!

Who Am I?

I’m Sylvia, an intuitive EFT & HTP Practitioner + Holistic Health & Wellness Guide.

I empower women to learn alternative ways to improve health, reduce anxiety & stress, better their relationships,

gain clarity, increase abundance while allowing for inner peace & expansion.

Guiding others to different realms of healing is a gift and passion I take to heart. 

• Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Practitioner Level 1 & 2

• Healing Touch Practitioner

• Quantum Energy – Sacred Soul Alignment Practioner

• Crystals, Herbs & Custom Essential Oil Blends

• Simple Holistic Nutrition

• Intuitive Guidance Divination

• Business Guide & Mentor

Sylvia is a source of information that cannot be duplicated! Her intuition and knowledge of energy and how energy works is unparalleled!

Lisa Plant

Intuitive Medium

I highly recommend working with this incredible woman. Her passion and confidence in her work are evident. She is an absolute gem!

Sharlene Grey

Golden Ray Master & Quantum Holographic Healer

I love Sylvia’s energy and intuitive connection.. everything she does is full of passion and light.

Brittany Poirier

Golden Ray Master & Usui Shiki Ryoho Master Teacher