The Answers Are Within You


Take this 4-week email automated course that will enable you to use tools to manifest the results you are looking for in life! There are so many ways to heal your body, mind and your spirit. Invest in your success below and receive your first week’s lessons right away.
This Is a Multidimensional Transformation as you clear old belief systems and download and install new ones!

What Do I Receive?

  • EFT Acu-Tapping scripts to work on each week Tapping Reprograming your subconscious mind of lack beliefs
  • Lessons are packed with EFT tap-a-long scripts, PDFs, Crystals, Flowers, Herbs, Resins and invoking your Archangels
  • Crystal healing, Learn how to work with and what crystals can do for you
  • Tips of how to use these sacred tools and create your daily habits of happiness, and abundance
  • Journaling PDFs to note what shifts you noticed in intensity levels that you felt while removing your blocks
  • PDF’s Tap-A-long delivered right into your email, that you can tap as many times as you like throughout your course as many times as you’d like.
  • TAP into the life you desire to create!
  • BONUS Crystal Grid Video “How-To-Grid and Activate!”