The Answers Are Within You

I was instantly drawn to Sylvia’s wonderful energy and knew instinctively that working with her was to be my next step in releasing childhood behaviour issues I have been trying to shift. After just 30 minutes of a session with Sylvia I felt some big energy shifts and emotions moving down through my body and releasing. I saw beautiful colours and felt some amazing releasing sensations. I highly recommend Sylvia and her amazing energy. She made me feel so relaxed and supported. <3

Amanda Gibbs

?Intuitive Colour Wellbeing Consultant ? ?Founder of Queen of Colour?

Sylvia provides a safe and very joyful experience! For anyone suffering from anxiety or PTSD as I do, I highly recommend tapping, and tapping with Sylvia! The no pressure, lots of laughs and healing I personally have received is beyond what I had expected. Grateful ❣️

Luv ya Sylvia

Melissa Cox

Life is Magic!