The Answers Are Within You

Discovery Call To Assess Your Healing Needs | Free

♥ A 15-minute discovery meeting to determine what your goals are and if we are a good fit to work together for Energy Healing sessions.


Are You Ready To Thrive?! | Free Call With Sylvia

♥ Everyone who desires healing wants to jump ahead. Discover how to build a foundational healthy lifestyle that is ready to receive spiritual healing.

This is for anyone who knows they need support with:

  • Exhaustion
  • Lack of clarity
  • Brain fog
  • Immunity 
  • Body aches
  • Digestion
  • Sleep problems
  • Mood management

💎 I always suggest getting your body balanced with simple-to-use nutrition that’s 100% plant-derived, all-natural, naturopathic formula, non-GMO, and gluten-free, pharmaceutical grade nutrition, made in an FDA-approved facility.


BioEnergetic Chakra Aura Scan + Quantum Healing | FREE

♥ 33 min Session includes a long-distance Quantum field bioenergetic frequencies via micro-currents to balance the body fields. Currently able to pull from thousands of frequencies to support in the areas of pain, beauty, fitness, sleep, learning, emotional and mental wellbeing, chakras, and meridians. Therefore, the real work is to deliver specific frequencies for a specific purpose – to a specific person! To put it more simply – the scan can talk directly to your cellular energy. It can ask your cells what they need to heal and then deliver the exact frequencies your cells ask for – or “resonates with” to heal. ✨✨

💎I scan the energy, balance, align, re-charge, what needs to be done in your energy field to connect the frequencies more deeply during healing session♥)

🦋 May include violet flame of transmutation, sacred light healing technologies, cellular DNA repair, inside sacred heart healing chamber.


Healing Touch Remote Healing Session | $33

♥ 30 min Session includes a long-distance energy transfer using Healing Touch, Healing, emailed/digital, and a short message on what I felt and perceived intuitively.

💎 I scan the energy using my hands for healing, I clear, balance, align, open, and re-charge, what needs to be done in your energy field.


Energy & EFT Tapping Session 60-90/min. | $77

🐬 Intuitively guided video chat through zoom or FB video messenger. 🙏

💟 We will be working on a customized tapping session, To Remove blocks, programs and patterns on a loop. Allowing space for Integration, clearing, healing, and insight.

🌼 You will be sent a personal elevating tapping script afterward for continued support in your daily life!

Sacred Soul Alignment Distance Healing 60-90/min. | $155

Sacred Soul AlignmentTM is a powerful modality that consists of a growing list of hundreds of healings known as Alignments, they assist us to raise our overall vibrational frequencies as it heals our cellular memory, chakras, & nervous system while clearing, dissolving, and releasing negative beliefs, patterns, emotions, and trauma across all lifetimes, timelines, and dimensions.

🐬 Intuitively guided video chat through zoom or FB messenger. To join on your computer or smart phone be sure you’ve downloaded Zoom Conferencing or you can choose FB video chat. 🙏

💜 60 to 90 minute Zoom video chat with a Sacred Soul Alignment Clearing, Healing, and Coaching Session to activate and resolve, dissolve blocks. This clears 7 generations in your line, forward & back (your great grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings and forward to your grandchildren, great grandchildren and beyond) will benefit from this clearing healing work.

🌸 I will connect you to your soul records and see what you need the most; spirit will guide the session.