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Distance Healing

I empower women to tap deeply into their personal soul-levels of healing. This opens them up to easily being aware of what is holding them back. Distance healing is 60 minutes of what I call, an energy bath retreat! Schedule today and feel great again!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as EFT or Tapping, is a type of emotional acupuncture that combines tapping or pressing on some of the key meridian acupressure points around the hands, face, upper body, and head with modern psychology to get incredibly fast results. It works primarily by shifting the fight or flight response that typically delivers cortisol & adrenaline aka the stress hormones to the amygdala when we’re under stress or duress, and instead of releasing serotonin and dopamine relaxing hormones to help you gain control or overcome a challenging situation. It’s super easy, quick to learn, follow and very useful in resolving most emotionally charged traumas. You don’t have to “believe in” tapping for it to work, because it’s based on science and the way the body systems work. Anyone can do this and receive immediate results!

Energy Transfer Reset (ETR)

Ground, heal and receive a complete Energy Transfer Rest by tapping into the static in your body and clearing those channels. Reset your body chacras to a new station and feel the healing effects of ETR today!

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