The Answers Are Within You

I had a card reading, as well a tailored tapping exercise’s for each card drawn. The cards resonated with me strongly. I loved the tapping exercises and am going to continue with them daily. They are fast and effective, which I love seeing as everyone is so busy. Thank you Sylvia

Charlotte Zarelli

Sylvia radiates love, light, and happiness. She easily tunes into your energy and delivers accurate guidance. If you’re in need of truth, fun-loving conversation and a sense of peace here you will find it.

Stephanie Ann

Sylvia is a ray of sunshine with tremendous knowledge and wisdom. She has been incredibly helpful to me and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Lindsey Allison Ganahl

Owner and Photographer at Girl in the Wild Photography & Reiki Master

Sylvia is inspiring and intuitively guided in all she does!

Brandi Edinger

Owner and Founder at Brandi Edinger Healing Arts