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Bioenergetic Frequency Quantum Energy Healing

Bioenergetic Frequency Quantum Energy Healing

These Bioenergetic Frequency Quantum Energy Healing  Chakra & Aura Scan, or Energy Sessions I’ve been witnessing, have been blowing my mind! 

33 min Session includes long-distance Quantum bioenergetic frequencies to balance the body fields. I’m currently able to pull from thousands of frequencies to support you with sleep issues, discomforts, beauty, fitness, learning, immune system, organs, hormonal systems, emotional and mental well-being, chakras, and meridians. Therefore, working to deliver specific frequencies for a particular purpose – to a specific person! More simply put – the scan can talk directly to your cellular energy. It can ask your cells what they need to heal and then deliver the exact frequencies your cells ask for – or “resonates with” to heal. ✨✨

💎 I scan the energy, balance, align, and restore what needs to be adjusted in your energy field via your personalized frequencies♥)

🦋 May include violet flame of transmutation, sacred light healing tools, cellular DNA repair, sacred heart healing chamber.

📌 Please take time to lay down and relax as I work on your bioenergetic field. Pick a time and date where this is ideal for you to feel shifts and integration.

♥ The Bioenergetic Scan Technology runs remotely.
♥ You’ll receive a few PDF scan findings reports right to your inbox.
♥ The healing balancing frequencies straight to you!


The Initial Scan is Free. After the initial scan, you can purchase an additional future scan for only 🌟 $66 each scan!

My clients are feeling so supported with results they’ve asked for the availability of Monthly Packages options, so by request I can customize a package to best support you over a period of time to allow for integrating, healing process to continue. Or feel free to “contact” me directly with questions. ♥

Book your initial scan here:

Cheers to your healing, balancing, integrating and releasing ♥

Discerning Truth Grid – Balanced view to see the dual​it​y in all things.

Discerning Truth Grid – Balanced view to see the dual​it​y in all things.

My Discerning Truth Grid that I have built for a balanced view to see the duality in all things.

Citrine – chakra healing and balancing energy activates opened energizes and directs personal power creativity, and intelligent decisiveness

Moonstone – enhances intuition, Offers protection

Tigers eye – releases fear and anxiety and stimulates unclouded emotions and discernment and understanding.

Amazonite – healing balancing filters out stress soothe his energies in the environment.

Pyrite – protective. Shields user of negative energy, blocks energy leaks in mends auric tears, protects against environmental pollution.

Tourmalinated Quartz – Purifies own energies and protects from negativity, assist with clear thinking. Cleansing and grounding. Protects from unhealthy energies.

Black obsidian – Protective stone shields against negativity, psychic attacks, and absorbs negative energy from the environment, draws out stress and tension.

Chrysocolla – Stone of communication. It’s devoted to expression, empowerment, and teaching. Discharges negative energies, columns, and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard.

Angelite – Stone of tranquility and inner peace, Acts as a Talisman for the energy of one’s guardian angels and guides and spiritual helpers for guidance.

Aqua aura – soothes and relaxes physical and emotional sense. Calms stress. Releases any anger. Soothes and heals the aura releasing it from physical stress and emotional negativity. Removes self-doubt. Petty things will suddenly feel inconsequential. You will find healing in your heart because you will be able to speak your truth.

Smokey Quartz – absorbs & transmutes negative energy. Aura cleansing detoxifies on all levels. Cleansing. Grounding & Protective.

Crystal Quartz – magnifies & amplifies. Healing. Harmony. Clarity. Intuition. Calmness. Programmable for intentions. An open mind to elevate a negative perspective to a more enlightened point of view.

My Discerning Truth Grid

With love and bright blessings,


What is Healing Touch?

What is Healing Touch?

Do you want to shift your stress, body aches, discomforts, and everyday fatigue and instead replace with inner peace, ease, relaxation and an abundance of extra energy? Healing Touch can help you with that!

When I discuss with people that I have trained in Healing Touch, the main misconception that people have is that it is a body massage. It is not that at all.

Healing Touch is a credentialed Energy Medicine modality that is readily being used and integrated alongside most health care models.

Healing Touch is a complementary, integrative energy therapy that is used in conjunction with traditional western medicine treatments.
Healing Touch is a compassionate energy therapy that uses gentle, light or distance, and near-body touch to clear, balance, energize and support the human energy system. It facilitates and promotes healing for the whole person: mind, body, spirit.

Healing Touch can clear, balance and energize the clients’ energetic field, allowing the client to be in a position to start or accelerate the self-healing process.

Healing Touch therapy helps restore the quality of life balance and harmony through working with the human energy field or life force.
And It re-establishes a healthy energy flow through the opening, connecting and balancing the human energy system. The goal is to restore harmony and balance in the human energy system, thus creating an ideal environment for the body to heal itself.

Healing Touch therapy is accepted, validated and used in hospitals, hospice, long-term care, integrative health centers, private practices, and clinics.

Through heart-centered intention and skill, we re-establish the natural flow of energy. Healing Touch does not force or push energy but allows it to balance, harmonize and “‘reboot'” the energy system.

Good health can be the result of a balanced energy field.

And with Healing Touch, the energy field is shifted to allow restorative natural healing. As a practitioner with the knowledge of how energy works, how healing the body works and its relationship to the subtle energy body that everything is made up of energy. We can locate shift, clear, align and unblock any stuck energy. We are helping to restore the energy field to its peak state.

Everything is Energy

Virtually everywhere you turn, people are searching for new ways of supporting their health and well-being, that is non-invasive, economical, effective and natural. Healing Touch is all of those things!

Did you know? All healing is self-healing and that YOU have the innate ability to use energy healing to support your health and well-being.

It’s’ disappointing how many people suffer physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and never seem to look for the root causes of their issues within their energy system. Instead, traditional western medicine practices provide medications that sometimes numb the problem without solving it at the root cause. And those meds can lead to additional unsought side effects.

Are you tackling your health and well-being at an energetic level? Are you delving deep to solve at the root of the problem?

Why Healing Touch?

  1. Non-invasive
  2. Research supports that Healing Touch has numerous benefits:
  3. Strengthens the immune system
  4. Reduces pain
  5. Reduces anxiety
  6. Relieves stress and depression
  7. Deepens spiritual connection
  8. Provides support during chemotherapy
  9. Enhances recovery from surgery
  10. Creates a sense of well-being
  11. Reduces the effects of trauma and chronic pain
  12. Supports during the dying transition process

It re-establishes healthy energy flow through the opening, connecting and balancing the human energy system. The practitioner’s’ goal during a session is to restore harmony and balance in the human energy system, thus creating an optimal environment for the body to heal.

What can you expect?

Healing Touch is, validated, accepted and utilized in hospitals, hospice, long-term care, integrative health centers, private practices, and clinics.

Healing Touch facilitates a deep sense of calm and relaxation as well as overall and specific responses for body-mind-spirit healing. You may feel nurtured, balanced and energized!

Watch What Healing Touch Is Really Like

Healing Touch’s technique helps reduce pain, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. You will see, as many do, how your immune system and sleep cycles improve.

Find out what working with me, and Healing Touch Energy Medicine can do for you by allowing its unique multi-facets to enhance your life!

Energy Detox and Crystal Protection for Empaths

Energy Detox and Crystal Protection for Empaths

What are some excellent crystals for protection?
How do I clear ME, my space and my belongings?
What kind of herbs, oils, or crystals can I use for protection?

When people ask me, what are some “good crystals for protection?” I ask several more questions in return to understand why they are looking for protection. I ask what does that mean to you, exactly? I need to know if they are currently picking up other people’s stress or emotional debris, energy smog, or someone’s energetically cursing them with jealous or “haters.” Are they recovering from a narcissist? Do they have office politics going on or social media bullies in their field using some form of psychic attack? Alternatively, is it malevolent energies creating bad vibes in a job, home or building?

What is an Empath:

Empath’s are sensitive to other people’s emotions and sense or pick up their powerful energy as though it’s their own.

After much inner work, you’ll learn to let other people’s energies flow right through you; or absorb the darkness of all the energy in the room and transmute it into love and light to replace the energies in the location and disconnect or put up a clearing energetic field or what is called a, “light bubble.”

Ground and center yourself by visualizing a golden cord or tree roots growing from your feet/root chakra all the way down the center of the earth’s core.

The bubble of light – The “light bubble” is as big as you want to make it. Generally, a few inches beyond your arm and leg span if you were to stand with your limbs all spread out. Every morning you can set the intention to have divine energy sparkling white light to flow through your body like a waterfall, allowing it clear your unwanted cords of energy and to fill you back up and in divine white light. You can call in additional colors like pink for unconditional love, blue for protection, green for good health and prosperity, ultraviolet purple to transmute anything that isn’t of the highest levels of vibration and to also transmute it outside your bubble.

Pillar of light – It’s like a pillar of light that runs from Source, through your crown chakra all the way down your spine and down into the center of the earth. Breathe the divine white sparkling Source light into your crown and exhale out your feet and root chakra.

Clearing Shower – Purify your energetic field with a golden sparkling, energetic clearing hot shower. Visualize with your intention is to release anything that isn’t in your highest good. May the shower flow a golden white sparkling waterfall of divine light flowing through your body and flow through clearing anything that’s not in your highest good down the drain.

Salt Bath – If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub fill it with 1 cup of sea salt or Himalayan salt, 1 cup of baking soda, 15 drops of lavender. (I’ll go into the benefits of lavender, later on).

Clear with Sound – Sound higher vibrational music solfeggio frequencies, angelic harmonics, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, bells, rattles, drums. Don’t worry if you don’t own any of these mentioned; you can clear energy by something we all have, hands! You can use your hands to clap, or clapping clockwise around a room.

Crystals for protection – Crystals that provide protection work in many ways such as blocking, deflecting, cloaking, transmuting (changing from negative to positive), to harness the energy of the crystal. They can be worn on you, placed in your environment, gridded and activated with a specific intention “protection” or clear energy force field.

Black Tourmaline – Black Tourmaline is an all-around protection or force field around you, your space or property. Any psychic debris will bounce right off. Grid the four corners of your property line, home, and your bedrooms.

Jet – Jet is perfect for empaths. Keeps the bearer from feeling other people’s energy. If you get “hit” with other people’s energy Jet will draw it out of you. It absorbs those vibes. Tip: Jet crystals need to be cleansed frequently. If Jet is working hard for you, be mindful to clear your Jet daily, or it will start to fall off you and break. Labradorite- protects against psychic attack, haters, gossipers that are desiring for your total ruin.

Labradorite – Acts as a shield of armor. Partner with rose quartz and kunzite to add a buffer of compassion and universal love.

Fluorite – Cloaks your aura and takes you off the radar of those who wish ill will towards you — guarding you to avoid curses, psychic attacks. It’s a good idea after you’ve had an energy clearing a professional healer or with a clearing shower/bath. Throw on your Flourite to keep your energetic field cloaked.

Black Obsidian – Matches the frequency of banishment. Returning energy to the sender. It is a powerful crystal use by witches, shamans and magical works that involve breaking hexes and curses. If someone’s cursing you, wear it 24/7 to resolve the issue. Clears your aura of psychic debris. Black Obsidian provides strong psychic protection and shields against negativity.

Clearing herbs, resins, and essential oils.

White Sage (Salvia Apiana) – Burning White Sage is also known as smudging.
Use it to clear and cleanse any person, place or thing. It’s an antibacterial and antimicrobial air purifier. It will adhere to negative energy and ions.

  1. Open all windows and doors, so the smoke from smudge and all negative energies and ions that have stuck to the smoke has an easy exit plan. Use a fire safe container such as an abalone shell, bowl or ashtray.
  2. Light tip of the bundle until you’ve got the end well lit, blow out flame until it starts smoking. Use your hand or feather to direct the smoke where you want it to go.
  3. Start outside the front door and smudge the doorframe and all window frames with smudge smoke. Once you enter your home, direct the smoke from your hand or feather clockwise allowing negative energy ions to release from the environment. Use smudge smoke to clear self, electronics, thrift store finds or hand-me-downs and your crystals.
  4. Say this statement or something similar- “I clear & cleanse this space of all lower energies, entities and anything less than the highest vibrational beings of love & light; are not invited or allowed in this space across, all timelines, spaces & dimensions.
    Amen, A’ho and so it is.

Palo Santo Stick – Means “Holy wood” in Spanish. When burned the smoke works much like smudge lightly clears. I recommend clearing with the “heavy hitter” White Sage first and following up with the smoke from Palo Santo stick. Burn in fire safe container it’s a tad challenging at times to light, but once lit, blow out its flame and smoke will flow from it. Relight as necessary to continue throughout your space, and it is said to invite the sweet and supportive spirits like our ancestors that only have our highest good in mind.

Frankincense Resin – Frankincense resins are like little golden nuggets. It removes negative energy, provides protection, elevates moods alleviates stress and anxiety. Assists in spiritual awareness, purification, and an anti-depressant use a charcoal burner and disk to burn the resins. Caution burners get extremely hot, and it stays hot for a good time afterward. Light the edge of the charcoal disk until it starts to hiss and make popping noises. Once it does that, it will heat across the whole charcoal disc. It will begin to smoke and popping sounds but will eventually die down. At that point, you can add your resin nuggets of Frankincense to burn on the top of the charcoal disk.

Copan Resin – The Mayans and & Aztecs used Copal. Copal comes in many forms including little nuggets, incense cones or sticks. Used as a spiritual cleanser provides clearing energy for space and energetic field. Rids negative thoughts that cause anxiety and depression. Helps to circulate stagnant energy, brightens the aura and area to feel lighter, and clears crystals. Direct the smoke throughout your people, place or things with a feather. Burn much like you do the Frankincense on a charcoal burner on top of a charcoal disk.

Essential oils – Use topically or aromatically via a diffuser while meditating, journaling, doing mindset work or affirmations.

Lavender essential oil – Lavender rids negative energy, clears the aura, calms and soothes, shifts mood from sadness to happiness and harmony. It is a very versatile essential oil that’s good with clearing out negative energy — profoundly relaxing for better sleep. Anoint a few drops lavender on our pillowcase; add to a clearing salt bath. Wipe down your door with a spray bottle with 15 drops of lavender essential oil.

Rose essential oil – raises the vibration. It’s the highest vibration frequency that you can attain. If you’re not a fan of this scent, blend with other essential oils to help to remove negative energy.

Vetiver essential oil – clears the aura, Root chakra fortifier. Vetiver banishes negative energy. Vetiver prevents hexes and curses. Balances central nervous the system. Calms mood assisting against depression and anxiety. It acts as a mild sedative to help with more restful sleep promoting battle struggles with insomnia. It’s also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic.

Here’s a good start for you as you journey towards your path seeking more knowledge, guidance, and assistance from utilizing these tools.

With love and bright blessings,