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What is Healing Touch?

What is Healing Touch?

Do you want to shift your stress, body aches, discomforts, and everyday fatigue and instead replace with inner peace, ease, relaxation and an abundance of extra energy? Healing Touch can help you with that!

When I discuss with people that I have trained in Healing Touch, the main misconception that people have is that it is a body massage. It is not that at all.

Healing Touch is a credentialed Energy Medicine modality that is readily being used and integrated alongside most health care models.

Healing Touch is a complementary, integrative energy therapy that is used in conjunction with traditional western medicine treatments.
Healing Touch is a compassionate energy therapy that uses gentle, light or distance, and near-body touch to clear, balance, energize and support the human energy system. It facilitates and promotes healing for the whole person: mind, body, spirit.

Healing Touch can clear, balance and energize the clients’ energetic field, allowing the client to be in a position to start or accelerate the self-healing process.

Healing Touch therapy helps restore the quality of life balance and harmony through working with the human energy field or life force.
And It re-establishes a healthy energy flow through the opening, connecting and balancing the human energy system. The goal is to restore harmony and balance in the human energy system, thus creating an ideal environment for the body to heal itself.

Healing Touch therapy is accepted, validated and used in hospitals, hospice, long-term care, integrative health centers, private practices, and clinics.

Through heart-centered intention and skill, we re-establish the natural flow of energy. Healing Touch does not force or push energy but allows it to balance, harmonize and “‘reboot'” the energy system.

Good health can be the result of a balanced energy field.

And with Healing Touch, the energy field is shifted to allow restorative natural healing. As a practitioner with the knowledge of how energy works, how healing the body works and its relationship to the subtle energy body that everything is made up of energy. We can locate shift, clear, align and unblock any stuck energy. We are helping to restore the energy field to its peak state.

Everything is Energy

Virtually everywhere you turn, people are searching for new ways of supporting their health and well-being, that is non-invasive, economical, effective and natural. Healing Touch is all of those things!

Did you know? All healing is self-healing and that YOU have the innate ability to use energy healing to support your health and well-being.

It’s’ disappointing how many people suffer physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and never seem to look for the root causes of their issues within their energy system. Instead, traditional western medicine practices provide medications that sometimes numb the problem without solving it at the root cause. And those meds can lead to additional unsought side effects.

Are you tackling your health and well-being at an energetic level? Are you delving deep to solve at the root of the problem?

Why Healing Touch?

  1. Non-invasive
  2. Research supports that Healing Touch has numerous benefits:
  3. Strengthens the immune system
  4. Reduces pain
  5. Reduces anxiety
  6. Relieves stress and depression
  7. Deepens spiritual connection
  8. Provides support during chemotherapy
  9. Enhances recovery from surgery
  10. Creates a sense of well-being
  11. Reduces the effects of trauma and chronic pain
  12. Supports during the dying transition process

It re-establishes healthy energy flow through the opening, connecting and balancing the human energy system. The practitioner’s’ goal during a session is to restore harmony and balance in the human energy system, thus creating an optimal environment for the body to heal.

What can you expect?

Healing Touch is, validated, accepted and utilized in hospitals, hospice, long-term care, integrative health centers, private practices, and clinics.

Healing Touch facilitates a deep sense of calm and relaxation as well as overall and specific responses for body-mind-spirit healing. You may feel nurtured, balanced and energized!

Watch What Healing Touch Is Really Like

Healing Touch’s technique helps reduce pain, anxiety, stress, and fatigue. You will see, as many do, how your immune system and sleep cycles improve.

Find out what working with me, and Healing Touch Energy Medicine can do for you by allowing its unique multi-facets to enhance your life!

What is EFT?

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Technique is a modern innovative Energy Modality, based on the Pathways of Chi. Energy flows through our Meridians, used in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

EFT has the ability to address core self-limiting beliefs and deep-seated negative emotions. The ones that lie behind the fears that hold us back.

Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as EFT or Tapping, is a type of emotional acupuncture that combines tapping or pressing on some of the key meridian acupressure points around the hands, face, upper body, and head with modern psychology to receive incredibly fast and impactful results.

EFT is known as Tapping and Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise is a type of emotional acupuncture that combines tapping or pressing on some of the key acupressure points around the head, face, upper body, and hands, with modern psychology to get incredibly fast results. It works primarily by switching off the fight or flight response that goes to our Amygdala when under stress, and releasing cortisol and adrenaline.

These days no tigers are chasing us – most of the time – but low-grade constant stress can be very toxic if we don’t deal with it.

Scientists have measured cortisol levels dropped by 50% or more within about 6 minutes! And instead sends signals to release (the happy hormones) dopamine and serotonin. What’s great is these hormones are 27 times more potent than morphine! And our body can produce it naturally. Which can be super helpful for this really struggling with panic attacks, anger, limiting beliefs or severe anxieties.

Ok, So What Can It do for me?

It dispels the physical “charge” we often feel that’s it’s connected with negative emotions memories experiences so you can remember things that once traumatized you with no further effects, and allows for newfound relief.

What can EFT do for me?

  • Relieves Depression, Anxiety and overthinking
  • Relieves tension, overwhelm and stress
  • Long-term chronic illnesses
  • Insecurities, nervousness, lack of confidence
  • Improves relationships overall Health & wellness
  • Resolves fears & phobias
  • Releases anger, grief or guilt
  • Allergies of any kind
  • Constipation, Irritable Bowel
  • Pain relief
  • Shifts and releases traumatic memory
  • Learning problems, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Dyslexia
  • Procrastination, Self Sabotage, Belief in self

Are you trying to quit an old habit?

Immediate withdrawal and full deliverance from:

  • Alcohol, Drugs, Nervous habits and Smoking
  • Emotion-centered challenges like Weight Loss and Food Addiction.

Finally, EFT can also be used for positive things, like:

  • Increasing Energy
  • Installing new positive beliefs
  • Self-Confidence
  • Forgiveness / Personal peace
  • Goal achievements / Personal peak performance
  • Better relationships
  • Improved Health (mental, emotional, physical)
  • Clarity on Life Transition (Breakup/Divorce, Empty Nester, MidLife)
  • Clarity on Life Purpose (Alignment, Direction, Career)
  • Increase Abundance

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is appropriate and beneficial for tons of different personal issues regarding mind, emotional and physical problems. (In general, almost anything that has been acquired and not born with, or enhanced by mental programming)

It’s super easy, quick to learn, follow and very useful in resolving most emotionally charged traumas.

You don’t have to “believe in” tapping for it to work, because it’s based on science and the way the body systems work.

What does that look like in everyday life? What does that mean for you?
Well, it may mean you are currently struggling with your emotions, being emotional, have repetitive or negative thoughts. Maybe you are struggling with bouts of anger, anxiety or depression.

It might mean you are trying to achieve something, like weight loss, new business, or a new career, but you keep sabotaging yourself, and you can’t get to the bottom of why.

It could be that you have a history of bad relationships where you’ve been hurt in some way, and then you are judging yourself for not being able to “pick the right partner.” You CAN Change and shift It!

The brain is a beautiful thing, and it’s a programmable thing. You see, there’s this little thing called Neuroplasticity that means we can re-program our brains by getting rid of the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions and replacing them with new positive ones.

The more we tap the positive ones in, the more positive our brains will become by default. It’s so effective that you will think you’ve learned some personal secret weapon or some kind of hidden magic trick.

I promise you it’s not and I seriously can’t wait to show you how easy and natural feeling better can be.

… all at your fingertips ✌️

… one technique to make what you want possible!

So, if you have something you want to shift in your life, don’t wait a moment longer! Let’s do this! I will be with you every step of the way, guiding you!

Diagram of all the main EFT tapping points

Click HERE to download a paper on recent clinical research published in the APA Journal 2012